We're Headed to Japan! (With Free Plane Tickets!)

In May we're going to Japan for three weeks! It will be our first time traveling so far with our children (anything East of Western Europe) and to a culture where we'll be the minority. While Brad spent a summer in China and we've both been to Africa several times (we met in Morocco!), we've never done these trips with kids.

For those who don't know, the reason we're able to travel so often is because Brad figured out a way for us to get free flights (just paying the taxes on each ticket)! It's rather complicated, but do-able for those who are responsible with credit cards and able to follow his step-by-step directions! Check our his how-to post HERE!

I'd love to hear from you all if you've done trips to Japan specifically or to countries where you're the minority. How did you prepare your children for the long flight? The potential culture shock? Please share! Also, I still need to share last year's trips to Switzerland, PEI, and London before we leave so I hope you don't mind the posts being rather travel-heavy these next few weeks.

ps - see all of our past trips and travel tips HERE!

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