Carry-on Kids Essentials!

Flying with kids is quite an adventure and a well-stocked carry-on for your kids is key to survival! Of course, even the best bag won't will off flight delays, motion sickness, or turbulence, but there are ways to make flights easier and even fun for your littles. Here are my thoughts and some ideas from many of you guys who commented on Instagram!

We are bringing Love Child Organic's Lil Shakes with us to Japan for nourishment for the kids on the loooooong flight but also on those initial days where we haven't picked up local groceries yet and are usually ordering less than healthy take out options. They're delicious and for flying with liquids, most airlines allow unopened drinks for children. Here are some other ideas!

  • Healthy snacks (Love Child Organics fruit pouches, snacks, shakes are all awesome), almonds, raisins, crackers, cut up fruit and veggies
  • Empty water bottles to refill after you pass security 
  • Cozy, warm clothing (remember, planes are cold, even if you're travelling to a hot place!)
  • Their favourite blanket and stuffed animal
  • A few books, ideally new or ones they haven't read for a long time to keep interest (for big kids, choose long ones!)
  • Headphones for on-flight TV (unless you're travelling at night, in which case don't give screen time as it will only prevent sleep)
  • White paper and markers, and/or white board and dry erase markers
  • Journals and pens
  • A small bag of toys for character play (my kids call this making "stories", haha!)
  • Clean underwear and clothing in case of accidents, spills, or lost luggage
  • Modelling clay or Play Doh
  • Travel size tooth paste and tooth brushes
Let me know if I've forgotten anything! I love learning new tricks for every trip we take!

This post was in collaboration with Love Child Organics,
a company we've used and enjoyed for years. All opinions
are 100% my own. To book a collab, contact me!


  1. Anonymous8.5.18

    J'amène aussi du tylenol, car on ne sait jamais! ;-)


  2. extra clothes and a mini toothbrush are such good ones!