Twinning with your Kids, Yay or Nay?

Here's something I would have probably scoffed at before having kids - twinning. Now that I'm a mama bear it's one of the things that puts a cheesy grin on my face with no shame! The fact that our kids get a thrill out of having something in their wardrobe that matches mine or Brad's is really sweet, and I know it's just a small window of time in their lives that things will be this way. As much as I'm totally in love with the idea of twinning with my one-day teens, something tells me they will not be! Haha! So for now, when we can, we savour the cheese factor of twinning. Brad and Oli sometimes both plan to wear blazers on Sundays and Oli feels very proud knowing he's matching Daddy. The girls and I will often accidentally twin in striped tops and jeans and once we realize it we giggle. The kids also love dressing similarly and they always mention it when they're matching one another. The girls have a few matching tops but even Oli will get into the mix and announce some mornings, "let's all wear jeans and red shirts!" or some other thing they have in common. What about you? Are you into twinning, either accidentally or intentionally? Do your kids like matching? I never thought I'd find it so endearing, but I'm such a fan!

Here's the fine line for me - I don't want my kids to be dressing in too mature a fashion in order to twin with us. Often clothes are fairly neutral, but an example I guess would be make up or bikinis. The bikini conversation can be shelved for another day, but I'll just say that I'm in no hurry for my darling girls to look like or act like grown women. When I say twinning, I'm usually referring to a matching t-shirt, or another neutral piece of clothing with the same pattern or colour, not my girls looking my adults. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too!

Globo recently invited us to pick out some new kicks for our trip to Japan and I knew I wanted to find some matchy matchy styles. Our travels always involve a heavy walking and scooting itinerary and we're on our feet all day, so I jumped at the chance to grab some well-made, quality sneakers for the kids and myself. It was hard to narrow things down and find something everyone was happy with, so in the end we chose matching New Balance sneakers for the girls (they really wanted something bright and velcro!) and matching Nike sneakers for Oli and I (he's keen to learn to tie lace shoes, and I wanted a darker sneaker to hide scuffs). Our kids will also be playing tennis this summer for the first time, so it was time to get some sturdy athletic shoes. As much as I love sandals and canvas slip on shoes for summer, these are a must for both our trip and the summer ahead.

I never know when they'll be over twinning with each other or me, so I'm going to enjoy it while this sweet season is here. Thanks Globo for sponsoring this post!

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