La Diperie!

It's MAYYYYYYY. Ice cream season is here! Last year I shared my favourite Montreal ice cream spots, but I think La Diperie deserves it's own post. if you've never been, you need to!

We biked down to La Diperie (the location on Ave Des Pins) with my dad-in-law last weekend and it was so fun and delicious. The kids all got smalls and dad and I got mediums, but seriously, a small would have been plenty. They even have $1 mini cones which might have been a better option for the kids, lol.

The pricing goes by size and how you decorate it, so a $2 medium cone, adds $1 for the dip and an extra $0.50 for the topping, making it $3.50 for a medium fully decked out cone. And the flavours of chocolate dipping are INSANE. There was a Baileys one that I wished I tried... there's always next time! I got white chocolate dip with pistachios and the kids got theirs coated in milk chocolate and topped with sprinkles.

La Diperie Plateau -
68 Avenue des Pins Est (for other locations, see here)
Opens at 12pm. Heads up: they only take debit and cash.

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