Best Ice Cream in Montréal!

Our city is brimming with ice cream shops - kind of a crazy feat considering we spend 8 months of the year dusting off snow, haha! And it's not just run of the mill ice cream, it's gooooood! Here are my favourite spots!

Noble Café - 430 Ave Laurier Est

I love Noble (we even did our Christmas photos here!). Their staff are the nicest in the city and it's such a hub for the community. There's almost no space inside but their outside is perfect for grabbing a cone with tons of benches and space.  They sell soft serve (and even have a $1 baby cone for the littles) and Les Givrés ice cream. Go for Feux de Camp (Camp Fire)!

La Diperie - 86 Ave Des Pins Est

This place takes soft serve to the next level. Coated in variations of melted chocolate and toppings for days. They just opened in the West Island and Toronto, too! Cash only. Go for Becky's Fave!

Kem Coba - 60 Ave Fairmont Ouest

Last summer we stopped at Kem Coba weekly and most people make several pilgrimages there each summer. It's arguably the most popular spot in the neighbourhood, which is why it wasn't the first spot on my list. Yes, it's amazing, but the lines are INSANE and they only take cash. Worth it, but just warning you :) Go for Lime Mint sorbet or Butter flavour (yes, butter flavour!)

Monsieur Crémeux - 43 Beaubien Est

This place has killer ice cream sandwiches and an ice cream truck that you'll be lucky to catch! Go for the mint ice cream sandwich!

Havres-aux-Glaces - Atwater Market

This place is the perfect way to end a morning at the market. Grab a cone and stroll the Lachine Canal. Go for Apricot Milk!

Creme Jolie - Ave du Parc just north of St. Viateur

I went here with the kids earlier this week and it was really good, plus they have a buy 10 get the 11th free card! Go for the Cardamon and nuts (pictures above)!


  1. You missed Ripples on St-Laurent right next to the Jewish headstone manufacturer. I think they have been around for 30+ years and they make all their own ice cream in site in that tiny store. Cappuccino chip is my fav flavour!

  2. yesssssssss! good point! Thanks for pentioning Ripples, Dalia! xo