Happy Friday! Over on Instagram, I'm sharing a #fridayintroductions post and sharing a bit about myself. So if you're new to my Insta, or this blog, HI! 

I'm Em, I'm a Montreal mama of three living in Le Plateau Mont-Royal, basically heaven on earth, if you ask me. I met the love of my life in an airport in Casablanca and we were married a year later. We were young and naive, and have done almost everything on our relationship on the fast track. In fact, the past couple of years has been the most low-change season for us for as long as we've known each other. We've lived in the same condo, worked the same jobs, and had the same number of kids for over three years. Before that there were changes on every front every year (or less!). I'm learning to embrace the season of stillness and grow deeper as a wife, mom, and woman. I love my man, our kids, my church (Eglise du Plateau), and city. 

I feel most alive when I'm tickling my kids, racing my hubs on our Bixis, finishing a great book, worshiping God, exploring our city or visiting a new one, or tasting something delicious. 

We travel as much as we possibly can (find out how, HERE), and this summer we are off to Switzerland and Austria. In the Fall I'm also going on my first ever vacation without my family, with my ride or die girl, Morgan, to London. If you've been to any of those locations, tell me everything I need to do/see/eat!

Recently, Frank & Oak invited me to try their Style Plan for their new women's line. It was a really hard decision. Kidding! I've loved Frank & Oak for years, and even when they only had a men's line, I wore their stuff. Now that they sell and design women's clothing, between my husband and I, a  huge percent of our wardrobe hails from our friends on St. Viateur.

I raced to their website to enter in my style preferences. From the choices I made, a stylist selected several clothing options for me to spend my tokens on (each month Style Plan gives you 5, which could get you between 1-4 pieces of clothing). I went with the high wasted denim gauchos and let me just say, they are God's gift to every woman! They feel amazing and look so great on virtually every shape. Who can remember ultra low rise jeans? Aka all of high school and university for me. Dark days, people. And the dusty rose t-shirt is the softest, ever. Check out Style Plan or Frank & Oak in general - such a fun company, and they started in my hood, so obviously I'm a fan!

These photos are all by my super talented friend Rachel Cheng, by the way. She takes a lot of pictures for my blog and all of our family pictures :)

This post was in collaboration with Frank & Oak, a company we have loved for years.
Our Nest In The City only partners with companies I truly love + support.
All images by Rachel Cheng Photography.
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