treating ourselves to take-out with Foodora!

Once in a while I just crave to not cook dinner, can I get an amen?

And while we live in the land of great restos, we also have three kids who a) I'd rather not take to a restaurant and b) we would need to find a sitter for if we were to go out to eat.

And yes, we've taken our kids out to eat (even to a Michelin-rated restaurant in France!), and we have tons of friends who generously offer to watch our crew, but sometimes the answer is waiting until the kids are asleep and then ordering take-out!


But there are so many restaurants and some don't deliver, and some charge high delivery fees and don't take credit card, and some don't deliver to our address, and the choices can be paralyzing. We decided to try out Foodora last week and it's basically the solution to all of the aforementioned woes.

First of all, you enter in your address and they show you all the restaurants that deliver to you, then you can select style of food and price point ($-$$$). FYI, we were looking for $ sushi. With a few clicks. we found a great sushi place, ordered it for a set time (8pm on the dot, and they were 3 minutes early!), paid, including tip, online, and even had the option to leave important notes for the delivery person (our doorbell doesn't work).

I can't say enough about our experience! This isn't a sponsored post (I always say when it is!), but I just had to share this because it made date night in SO easy. It's available in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and if you sign up HERE, you'll get $10 off your first order! We used this code for our order last week, and it definitely sweetened the deal! Bon appétit!

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