pink champagne birthday cake

My bday this year was kind of a big deal. I TURNED THIRTY. Eep! t felt like I needed to celebrate really well this year, with the new decade bring ushered in and all, so I made a glorious birthday cake for myself!

The cake was pink champagne cake, which naturally required that I buy a bottle of pink champagne, and enjoy whatever was left after the recipe. Easy. I followed the recipe from Food 52 and it did not disappoint! So delicious, crazy rich, and super celebratory. As a 30th birthday cake should be.

I loved the thought of adding just a scant drop of food colouring to get a soft pink. I usually stay away from food colouring because it's so artificial looking, but maybe I've just been using too much?

And rose gold spoons, because in my mind, I think that's what fancy grown ups use, and now that's me!


  1. Looks delicious!! Did it taste like champagne??

  2. Beautiful! What a great way to celebrate with family. I will also be celebrating my 30th and think I may try my hand at this cake! Can you share the recipe?

    1. hey Lana! The link to the recipe is in the post :)
      I'll save you the trouble looking for it though: https://food52.com/blog/17958-a-blushing-slightly-tipsy-cake-kicks-off-the-fall-cookbook-cake-parade
      (it was hyperlinked in Food 52)

    2. Thank you! I don't know how I missed it...I can't wait to try makimg it!