mélange + how often to write?

It's been a while since I've posted a mélange post, and not for lack of Interweb inspiration. I'm trying to strike a balance on this blog by not bombarding you with articles constantly, but the truth is, I could post every day. I write a lot and I love doing it. Some posts take much longer to write, but others take all of five minutes. I usually write a few in one sitting, and always have more I wish I could share. So mélange posts were kind of dropped for a while so I could write on other things and maintain my 3x weekly posts.

Lately I've considered posting 4x so I don't have to leave behind things that a) are interesting to me b) I want to share and c) are already written, I'm simply not publishing so I can stay in a 3x weekly cap. Maybe it seems weird that I would limit myself to a certain number of posts per week, but I've read that there's a sweet spot in not posting too much and making sure you're posting enough, and somehow I assumed that spot was 3x weekly. I've been blogging for seven years now and it never feels like work, in fact, it's a great creative outlet and I'm usually lighter and more relaxed if I've written something on any given day. Anyway, sorry to bore you with the inner thoughts of a blogger, haha! Short version: I'm going to write more even if it means posting an extra time each week :)

Now onto the links I've loved lately:

source: Minimalist Baker

source: Love & Lemons

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