gifts under $50 (for the home body)

For the lovely on your list who prefers a cozy night in to basically any other option, here's a roundup of a few gifts they will love. I went $5 over on one gift, I'm sorry! But what home body doesn't love a facial while watching The Crown on Netflix? And this is the best one on the market :)

Clockwise from the top:

1. Minimalist bamboo candle holders for all the ambiance, $14
2. A cozy blanket, $50
3. A Chemex maker for hot coffee on a cold day, $50
4. The Hands-On Home by Erica Strauss, $30
5. A fuzzy hot water bottle! , $31
6. Yummy tea, $15
7. Essential oil diffuser, $35
8. Charcoal facial, for a fun night in, $55

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