fall rides with my boy

One of my very favourite parts of our schedule are the mornings when I ride with Oli to school. He is such a strong biker!

The ride to school has a decent up hill and some days he even insists on wearing his backpack as he rides (though I usually counter insist that I carry it in my basket!). I love seeing my kids exude confidence and joy and biking does that for Oli every time. Which is why I'm so sad that the biking season is almost over!


A few days ago when we took these pictures it was actually snowing for a few minutes! The temperature hovered around 0 all morning, but he still wanted to ride.  Thankfully we got his winter coat a bit early this year, so I had no concerns about him being cold.

Biking in the Fall, especially the Montreal Fall (which is more like winter in most parts of North America, haha!) is tricky since most helmets don't allow for a winter hat or headband. We make sure our kids are wearing neck warmers, their winter coats (this year Oli got the Marmot Guide's Hoody from Altitude Sports and it's so cute + warm!), and definitely mittens. A few weeks ago I forgot mittens when we were biking and poor Oli's hands were freezing! When you're biking you've got stronger winds on your exposed hands than if you were just walking, so they're pretty crucial.

On this particular morning Oli was so fast that we had time to kill before school started, so we hunted for graffiti - a favourite past time for all of us. My boy loves orange anything (hence his coat, his bike, etc, lol!) so this street art was too perfect.

I know we are in our final weeks of biking weather here in Montreal, so I'm cherishing these morning rides, and then I'll be counting the days until Spring!

Psssssssssst: Altitude Sports is offering $75 off all insulated winter coats with their One Jacket Two Stories campaign, which ends on Monday.

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