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Hi everyone , My name is Tracie and I'm a mom to one daughter named Tensley who is two. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and together for 9. He is a state police officer and I work part time in the ER in registration but have been currently working on my own Photography business with a friend. (Goals to eventually stay at home and work from home) I always have 3 days off in a row unless I pick up hours, but Wednesday's are always a day I have off so I'll highlight a typical Wednesday in my life.

I have never been a morning person so working second shift for me is perfect and makes my days off even easier. Tensley always gets up around 7:30 (sometimes 6ish am) and I go grab her out of her crib and bring her back to our bed to sleep a little longer, I didn't lie when I said I'm not a morning person. We both go back to sleep and wake up around anywhere between 8-9am. The first words out of Tensleys mouth are always 'Minnieeees' she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like basically obsessed with that show. I grab some coffee get her some juice and a little breakfast and then I'll watch the news while she watches her show. I'm usually still in my pjs for a few hours unless we decide to get up and get dressed to go to Starbucks and then by the time we get back I put on my sweats and a comfy shirt (Wednesday's feel like weekends for us around here).

 Once noon hits I start thinking of lunch while Tens is running around playing and constantly coming up to me asking for a 'snaaackk' or 'cheeeeseee'. She's more of a lunch girl then a breakfast girl just like her mama. So usually around this time she is really hungry and will eat anything and everything. Right after lunch it's always nap time, she usually only takes a 2 hour nap so I either nap with her or I just catch up on my shows and relax. This is usually the time I want to get things done but let's be honest it really never happens unless I drink lots of coffee and get super motivated. Tensley is usually up around 2ish and after that we don't do a whole lot, we will lay around so she can wake up, we play or clean but honestly nothing real exciting. Since tens is still little and the only child right now we don't have school or and activities for her right now. So you can say we basically are living the toddler life right now.... eat,play,sleep! 

However during these times my husband helps out a lot, my husband is an outdoors guy and Tensley is the same way! Anytime daddy is outside so is Tensley , they usually will mow the yard, wash the cars, clean the garage or feed the animals. It's such a great thing for the both of them and also gives me time to clean and get a few things done that I really need done. When 5pm comes around we are always thinking about dinner, this is a constant struggle for us 'hey, what do you want for dinner?' 'I don't know what do you want?' 'I don't care what do you want?' Haha we're ridiculous. Once we finally decide my husband and I will do it together while Tensley is running around or wanting to be held the entire time. After dinner we all take our showers and baths , Tensley is the first to take a bath and she will play a little bit then usually starts getting tired and is ready for bed. 

Once we are all ready for bed Tens sometimes gets a second wind , you can say she can be a little exhausting at times. We will do some puzzles or we will sit and read her a book to calm her down and then we lay in bed together sometimes I'll watch my show or we just shut the lights out and then the fan on and she's out. She always starts in bed with us then I move her to her crib and we are out for the night. 

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading, Xo Tracie
Thanks, Tracie!
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