ready for winter!

Are you guys ready for winter?! This year (after ten years!) it was time for a new parka, and I'm so glad I got mine early because it's already been 0 degrees a couple of times this month! Montreal, man...

A good winter coat is an investment, but it is so worth it when you live in a country with almost six months of winter, and in a city where you walk almost everywhere.

Of course the day we shot these pictures it was the most beautiful Fall day to ever exist, and I was actually sweating, haha! But next week is calling for snow, so I'm glad to be ready!

Altitude Sports has a sweet deal where you get $75 off an insulated winter jacket if you ship in your old one to donate, and it ends on MONDAY! That definitely helps keep costs down, and helps if you want to splurge on a really great coat.

I'm in love with my Columbia parka that I got from Altitude this year. It's super long, and even covers my bum when I'm sitting, which my old one did not. Game changer! It means I can sit outside at my favourite cafe and enjoy some fresh air Nordic style and not freeze to death, which is pretty high on the priority list. Honestly, it feels like I'm in a sleeping bag. So toasty!

This winter we're teaching the big kids to skate at the nearby outdoor rink, and Brad is so excited! He plays hockey every week and has been skating his whole life, so thankfully we're not relying on my skills for the kids to learn, haha! But part of living in Montreal is learning to skate and enjoy these long cold winters, so I'm all for it.

This post was in collaboration with Columbia and Altitude Sports.
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