cutest baby pants + chats with a momtrepreneur

Recently I was looking for a fun gift for my sweet baby niece Addie who was visiting and I found the cutest leggings of life.

Goose and Co. leggings are the trifecta - crazy cute patterns and styles + ethically made + made in Montreal. I got Addie the Hummingbird ones and my sister dresses her in them every other day! Also? Addie might be the snuggliest, fuzziest, fastest moving little human on the planet! She literally doesn't stay still for a second, unless she's sleeping. Counting the days until I see her again at Christmas!

I reached out to the owner of Goose and Co. and asked her a few questions about being a handmade business owner, a mom of three, and a momtrepreneur. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

How did you decide to start your own business?

I had been making the pants for a few years and gave some as gifts. Then a lot of people started asking how they could purchase them and here we are.

Why the name Goose and Co.?

It’s hard to come up with a business name!  I chose goose and co. because my sister calls me goose. (not a top gun reference btw) and the co. is for my 3 kids.

When do you find the time to make these adorable leggings, and what's your work space like?

I have to plan when to work and use my time wisely.  I cut out my patterns on the kitchen table during nap or in the evening and do the same for sewing.  My sewing room is a small closet with a desk in the basement.  It has sliding doors that lock so I never have to clean up and little hands don’t find my scissors and pins!

What's the hardest part about starting your own business at this stage in your life?

The hardest thing since opening up my shop in September is all the business related details.  Sewing the pants is the easy part, but photography, marketing and other details take a long time to work out.

What motivates you to keep at it?

I wanted to see if this was something I could do while being at home with my kids.  With so many requests to start a website, I thought I should try it out.  So far it’s going well!  Also, the etsy sellers app notifies you when a purchase has been made by making a “cha-ching” sound and it is truly thrilling!

What's your favourite fabric?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite, I really love them all.  My top 4 are the pink cats, mint hummingbirds, sharks and masks.

You can find Goose and Co. on Etsy (don't forget, if you're local you can save on shipping and pick up in person! Just use the code BUYLOCAL) and for the next two days, all of Goose and Co.'s leggings will be 15% off to Our Nest In The City readers! Thank you Sarah! Just use the code NEST15 at check out, and get on it, because the discount code will last for 48 hours!


  1. These are my favourite baby pants of all time! Almost makes me want to have another babe.... almost. Lol. Now that my kids have out grown them, they are my go-to baby gift! Thanks Sarah!

  2. Anonymous7.11.16

    If you are looking for more super cute gifts made local. Check out my friends ceramics. She is a wonderful maker and friend making the cutest 3 leg planters with cats on them and other beautifully designed ceramics in St .Henri !!! www.beardbangs.ca
    Neisha :)