A Day In HER Life - Donna Fung

Hey guys! I’m Donna and I work full-time in the tech industry as a designer and communications manager. My typical day begins with a cup of soy latte and toast while I catch up with social media, emails, news and articles. My working hours are split between meetings, researching and designing. I design interfaces for software and websites, as well as creating visual content for marketing.

After work, I'm still designing. I can tell you this will be true to 95% of creatives out there. I work with local Toronto businesses and agencies on various freelance projects from branding to hand lettering. I developed a strong interest in hand lettering three years ago, so my desk always seem to be filled with random doodles. And lots of pens.

When I don't need to work on weekends, there is a 90% chance I'm strolling in the city for soy lattes and cookies. The other 10% is at home napping and watching Netflix. I like trying new restaurants in the city, so I met up with my likeminded friends at the new location of a super cute Middle Eastern eatery for brunch last weekend. I'm hooked, so I went back again for dinner tonight with my boyfriend.

My day to day life is not anything near spectacular, but I am grateful for all the people in my life who makes each day a nice day!
Thanks for sharing, Donna!
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