Lavender Fields Forever!

Growing up, my parents always had a lavender plant in their garden and I've loved the scent for as long as I can remember. Lavender is the essential oil I use the most by far, and I've even made lavender pop tarts! You might say I'm a fan of the stuff. Which is why visiting La Maison Lavande in Saint-Eustache the other day was a straight up dream come true!

I brought along a girl from our church and the three kids, and we all had the best time! the lavender fields are only 40 minutes away from Montreal and it's super affordable (free for kids under 12, $8 for adults, $4 for teens). Since the kids and I do a lot of day trips, I always have one empty seat in my car and I try my best to fill it with a young girl in my life who I can use the time to be with.

We got to the lavender fields right at opening (10am) and there weren't many people there at all. There was a legit photoshoot going down with lights and reflectors and massive lenses and crazy outfits, haha! Chloe kicked off her shoes within 10 minutes and the kids were running wild jumping over the rows of lavender.

The entire place smelled glorious, as I'm sure you can imagine! I learned that the lavender scent doesn't actually come from the purple flowers but the green leaves at the base. I'm always sniffing the purple part when I have a stem of lavender! Oops!

I wore this floral maxi dress from Pink Blush and it was nice and cool in the humidity. They're a maternity and women's clothing line, and looking at these pictures I totally look pregnant, but I'll save you the guessing - I'M NOT. Just a coincidence that I'm wearing a dress that could work as a maternity dress, haha!

We tried a few things from their Bistro and we weren't too impressed. The lavender lemonade just tasted like lemonade, and the bonbons were not very flavorful either. The food in general was a bit overpriced and not very high quality, to be honest. Good thing we packed a picnic and didn't come for the food! But everything else was wonderful.

I highly suggest you visit La Maison Lavande in high season when the plants are blooming! Aka right now!! What a fun day!


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