Wasaga Beach!

Last week we headed to Ontario for a few days to celebrate a couple of high school sweethearts, and one of my oldest friends. It was so fun to see my old friend marry her boyfriend of fourteen years! Aside from the wedding, we spent two nights with my parents in Niagara soaking up time with my baby niece, Addie, and then two nights with Brad's mom and her husband in their new hometown, Wasaga Beach.


Wasaga Beach is actually a huge tourist destination for people across Ontario, but it was my first time going. The kids loved being with their grandparents and playing at the pool in their community. There was this little pond, probably about 10 feet deep, that we could swim in and play at the baby beach. They definitely picked an awesome location to move to and we all loved exploring their new stomping grounds!

On our second day we got ice cream at the cutest ice cream shop that was on a farm in the middle of nowhere. They also sold baked goods and veggies and seriously the biggest ice cream scoops ever (for such a small price!). I swear, the same sized scoops would have been three times the price in Montreal!

The beach was really incredible. I can see why people flock to it from all over Canada. I spent every March Break driving down to Florida with my family and I was shocked at how similar Wasaga beach was to the beaches in Florida! If you're a beach bum stuck in Canada, this is your spot.

I wore my Saltwaters everywhere - the beach, the pool, the 8.5 hour drive (I KNOW), even to the wedding! They really are the dream summer sandal! Especially now that they come in black. You can get them for $40 at ROOLEE in all the colours, but I highly suggest black or gold :)

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