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Hi, friends! I’m Rhonda and I blog over at Never Static. I’m married to my favourite person in the world, who also happens to be a creative just like me. This means we’re not the most organized bunch, but we make up for it in passion! We love what we do, and how we choose to spend our days, that’s for sure! My husband works in the film industry and is MIA for most of the week, so I spend my days juggling work and hanging out with my next favourite humans - our three teenaged boys.

I’m so excited to share a day in our life! I’ve been on Em’s blog before so it was fun to go back and read the first time I did this and see how things have changed and kids have grown.

It’s summertime so things are a little different around our home. I tried to wait for a normal day to document but then I realized that there was no such thing right now. Normal is such an elusive word, no? My oldest boy is currently working full-time so we’re missing having him around and my middle boy is off in Ireland for a missions trip for a month so our nest is feeling a bit empty, which is so strange. It’s a new stage of life and while I may not have embraced it wholeheartedly to begin with, I’m learning that loosening our grip on our children and transitioning to new stages gracefully takes work but is so good!

I start each day exactly the same.  With Jesus. I wake up, make myself an Americano and open up my bible. This sets the tone for every moment of my day and causes my gaze to be fixed on the most important thing. When I begin here I know that I can take on whatever it is that the next hours hold, not through my strength but His.

I work from home as editor and online content manager for FamilyLife Canada. I love this organization and that I get to be a part of the work they do. Because it’s summer, I wake early and try to get most of my work done before the boys are even up. That way, we can spend these long summer days enjoying each other!  After my work is done, we take care of a few things around the house. I have an addiction to fresh flowers in my home and so we head out to the garden and see what there is to pick today.

By now our tummies are rumbling and so we throw together a simple lunch. We don’t complicate our food in the summer. Usually a salad thrown together with lettuce from the garden and some local fruit tossed in. We made the most amazing and healthy dressing today.  It will definitely be a new staple around our home. You can find the recipe here!

I find when I’m in the kitchen, my boys generally are too. They sit atop counters and tables and just chat. I love this because when hands are busy and working, it’s so easy to connect. Plus, I always get a bit of help. I want my boys to know how to cook well when they move out so we started that process long ago. My oldest can now make great meals and the others are well on their way. At least I know when they move out they won’t just be eating mac and cheese!

After lunch, we head off for some summer adventure. For our family this almost always involves water. We’re so lucky to live near so many great rivers and lakes, but today we take it to the ocean for a bit of skim boarding!

An afternoon spent in sand and water is our favourite. The boys play and try new stunts on their boards (today they got a random dog to skim board!). I read and let the sun soak into my skin while the birds fly overhead and we hear the sound of waves in the distance. It really is our perfect. No matter what sort of day we’ve had or what kind of mood we might be in, we get to the ocean and nothing else really seems to matter. We breathe deep and the calm seeps into our bones. 

Once we’re home we hydrate well! Some days it’s mint water, or raspberry water. Today just happens to be cucumber. I love the variety it adds and how refreshing it is on a summer day!

It’s Friday which means - date night! Having kids who are old enough to take care of each other is so great. It means we can head out for a night of enjoying each other and building into our marriage without the cost of paying a babysitter. A pizza and a small treat for the kids means we’re set and can head out!We met some friends at one of our favourite local restaurants where we drank beer brewed just up the street and gorged ourselves on fish tacos.

Our days are full as we focus much of our time on relationships. Whether it’s within our family group or including the multitude of friends that make their way into our home each week, we believe that people and relationship are a few of the most important things in life. At the end of our days, we don’t want it to be about our work or our stuff but about the times spent laughing, crying, building into and sharing life with other people.

We’re so thankful for our extraordinarily designed life!  Thanks for sharing our day with us!

Thanks for coming again, Rhonda!
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