a fresh and clean kid's room!

Our kid's shared room is pretty minimal and we tidy it several times a day, but there are still three little bodies living in there and it can get gross fast!

Even though all three are potty trained, we still use diapers at night for two of our kids, plus we have a potty in their room so once they've been tucked in, there's no reason to leave their room (because hi, mom and dad need kid-free time STAT!). We even have a gate up at their door. Ha! Don't tell me your kid won't stay in their room. There are ways! But that sweet little room can get funky.

Recently ATTITUDE asked me if I'd like to try some of their super safe home products for our kids room. After falling in love with Beautycounter for our personal upkeep, I've been more aware in general of the safety of our household products and toiletries, so the timing was perfect. Their soothing chamomile line is perfect for our kids room. The smell is lovely and I like to think it chills them out. I don't actually know if it does (like dropping lavender essential oil on their pillows each night) but the smell is so great I'm ok with even a placebo effect, haha! I also added a fresh lavender plant than my sweet friend bought me during our recent trip to La Maison Lavande. All of these changes have made such a huge difference!

I washed all of their bedding with the Soothing Chamomile laundry detergent and fabric softener, and before bed, I sprayed their sheets with the Little Ones Fabric Refresher. I also opened up a Baby Natural Air Purifier (I have one in every room of our house now, and I'm getting rid of most fragrances in our home) and now their room smells so fresh and clean! Even with diapers, a potty, and three sweaty bodies in such a small space.

I love that almost every ATTITUDE product is rated a 1 on the EWG scale for toxicity and safety (that's the lowest possible!) and the remaining products are a 2. I also love that they're a Montreal-based, Canadian company doing great things for our safety, and they're a very affordable brand. Check them out!

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