Lime Ricki + thoughts on bathing suit season

It's hot out and if you're lucky, you're cooling off in a pool or lake on the regular, which brings about the issue of bathing suits. This is a loaded topic for a lot of us, so I'm going to start with some basic truth that shape my view of bathing suits, body image, and womanhood.

Firstly, we are loved by our creator and when he created us he said it was good. There is so much in those words that should alter how we view ourselves and our bodies! The female body is crazy amazing. We were created to do so much and our bodies are a gift. After having three kids in the span of four years, my body doesn't look the same as it once did, and hey, I'm also turning 30 in a couple months, so there's that, too. Some parts are softer, some are bumpier, some are larger, and some are smaller.  Bodies change, but there is constant truth in our womanhood. We are strong, capable creatures. Our bodies can birth and nourish human life, they can carry the burdens of others and help strangers. We can protect and nurture and rescue and produce because we have bodies. Quite amazing.

But that's not what we focus on, is it? We focus on the imperfections. The bumps and marks and those extra pounds that haven't left since our last baby. We idealize a fleeting image of a 16 year old as our standard for perfection. The entire beauty industry is propped up on the lie that if we can look a certain way, we'll be happy. What a sad lie.

Let's believe better for ourselves and our daughters. I love this Lime Ricki suit because I feel confident in it. For me, that means having the right support, in a suit that fits me well, with a fun design. I like to cover myself up more than the average bikini and they have an amazing selection of suits that flatter and cover. When I choose a swim suit that covers more of me than my bra and underwear, it's not out of shame of who I am - how frustrating that that's become the notion of our culture! For me, I want a swimsuit that I'd be happy for my daughters to wear at any age. I want a swimsuit that I can flip off the diving board and remain wearing. I want to be able to chase my kids along the shoreline and race them in the pool, and have conversations with other adults at the kiddie pool without them seeing what only my husband sees.

For these reasons and more, I love this tankini from Lime Ricki. The bottoms are high, so I can pair with them a smaller top and still feel confident and secure. The top is long enough to pair with low cut bottoms, too (and I love the fun skirt!). They have a mix and match policy, so you can build your own suit to fit your needs and your unique size. Best of all, this company embraces womanhood in all of our shapes and sizes. Their Instagram feed is full of REAL women doing real life in their bathing suits, and I just love that.

I'm hosting a giveaway over on Instagram and the winner will receive a FREE SWIM SUIT!

TO ENTER: Head over to Instagram, like my photo + follow @emmorrice and @limericki, and leave 1 comment saying which suit you'd choose.

For additional (infinite!) entries: Mention friends who inspire you to embrace womanhood. One name per comment.

Winner will be drawn on Friday morning. Good Luck!

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