date night in Little Italy

A couple of weeks ago we were invited by Flavor Your Life to attend an olive oil tasting by Zucchi Olive Oils at the Mezza Luna cooking school beside the Jean-Talon Market in Little Italy. Flavor Your Life aims to educate people about the benefits of EVOO from Europe. I learned a ton about the quality, taste, and purposes (as if we needed any more reason to love it!) - Such a fun night!

We tasted several olive oils, and they were all delicious. I loved hearing about what oils are best with which foods (just like wine, the region has ideal pairings with certain dishes), and tasting each oil in the amazing food that we were served afterwards.

Stefano Faita and his crew from IMPASTO blew our minds with so many delicious dishes. I think my favourite was the homemade focaccia bread and zucchini and the grilled octopus. Brad loved the pasta and now IMPASTO is on our restaurant bucket list, even though we don't often go out for Italian. What really struck me was watching this celebrity chef with his own cooking show, doing the dishes afterwards. Cooking and foodie culture can be pretentious, but I find the people who are most passionate about food simply love eating and love being in a kitchen. Period.

It was a fun night out in Little Italy, which is just north of us and easily walk-able from le Plateau. I wore this fun denim dress from ROOLEE and these elastic strap sandals that I bought five years ago from Ardene, if you can believe it! I think they were $10, and they're still alive (though I don't wear them often)! My dress is labeled a "tunic" on their website, FYI, if you're looking for it! I'm wearing a size L here, and I'm usually a M, so size up if you're using it as a dress, size down or as usual if it's going to be worn as a tunic :)

I can't wait to check out IMPASTO and their sister spots, Pizzeria Gema and Chez Tousignant, all in Little Italy. A highlight of the night was chatting with Stefano about his favourite spots to eat in the city. He said for high-end eating, he loves L'Express and Lemeac and for under-the-radar ethnic cuisine he loves taking his family to SOY, a Sichuan joint on St. Laurent; all in le Plateau.

Thanks for a terrific evening, Zucchi! Your oils were delicious! I've loved cooking with them since your lovely soirée!

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