Marché Jean-Talon

Thanksgiving Monday was the most beautiful day! Blue skies, warm temperatures, and colourful leaves. Brad's brother Mike was visiting from Ottawa, Brad had the day off, and Lily didn't have school, which called for a celebratory outing. We decided to spend the morning at Jean-Talon Market and it was simply delicious.

I love that Café Saint-Henri has a café at Marché Jean-Talon! The original café opened up in our old neighbourhood (Saint-Henri, obvi) just as we were moving up to the Plateau and it has been a big contributor to the rejuvenating of the area. I love seeing them succeed and open additional spots. They fit in perfectly at the market and have the most beautiful interior.

We bought some cured meats and baguettes at the market and had a picnic lunch at Place Shamrock, which has the cutest bike + wood carousel. They also have bikes that play music if you ride them fast enough. Public spaces for the win!

My new goal, any time all five of us are together is to attempt a family photo. It's usually messy, often involves asking strangers to serve us, and requires a few extra minutes of patience (and is never a "good time" for a picture), but I never regret it. This time Chloé was especially unwilling so I was extra thankful to have Mike with us instead of a stranger playing photographer. My feet were sore (who wears new shoes for the first time on a long walk??!), we were all hungry, and Chloé has recently cut her nap, but guess what? We took a few minutes to document our family during this chaotic season and we'll be glad we did in the years to come.

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