10 kid's décor items to use in the rest of your house

Typically, I buy things for my kid's room that aren't classified as "kid's décor". I usually find that's the way to get simple, neutral items that I actually want in my house, as kid's stuff is so often the polar opposite. Plus most things labeled "kid's" are more expensive than basic home décor. But every once in a while it's the reverse and I find myself drawn to kid's décor for the rest of my house. No kidding ;)

Here are a few things I stumbled upon recently that are technically kid's décor, but that I would totally use all over my house!

click on the links below to see the item details:

1. Gold clip lamp, Land of Nod
2. Baby deer photographic art, Indigo
3. Walnut book case, Land of Nod
4. Pom pom storage bin, Well
5. Geometric throw pillow, Land of Nod
6. Merino wool throw, Luv Mother
7. Wooden lamp, Land of Nod
8. Puffin children's classics, Amazon
9. Marbled rug, Land of Nod

oh, and I could use the Pine storage from Ikea in basically any room!

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