It's been a weird several days here in Montreal, and probably for most of my Canadian readers. First of all, it SNOWED yesterday. Yep. Also, Canada's only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors advanced to the conference final for the first time in history! Snow in May? Yep, We The North.

Here are some links I thought you guys might find interesting, that I loved reading recently:
  • This is me and Brad now and also in 30+ years
  • Questions to ask yourself (and your child) before signing them up for an activity. We have more of less lived off this woman's advice for the last five years, and definitely considered many of these questions recently when we decided to sign up one of our kids for soccer. Oli will be playing and Lily won't be. Her choice, as she's probably one of the most self-aware kids I have ever met! "I think doing something at 5:30pm would be too late for me, especially after a full day of school"
  • This coffee sounds so weird and I can't wait to try it!
credit: i am a food blog
credit: Apartment Therapy
credit: White House Museum

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