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Hi! I'm Alison, and I blog at 600sqft.com. We are small living city dwelling folks. As you may have guessed we live in 600sqft one bedroom condo in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Currently my husband and I both work full-time. I’m pregnant with our second baby and our 2.5 year old son Theo is in Daycare full time until I go on Maternity leave this summer. So our weekdays are a blur of getting out the door and then spending as much time as we can together in the evenings.

My belly wakes me up at 6am lately but Theo and Trevor tend to sleep until the last minute as I drag them out of bed at 7am. We all get ready for work and daycare, trading off duties of breakfasts, making lunch, dressing Theo and brushing his teeth. One of the ways we can stay in our one bedroom apartment with a toddler is we sleep in a murphy bed in our living room. So every morning with Theo's help we make the bed and fold it away.

Once a week we’ve made a habit of going to a local coffee shop for coffees and croissants before work. This forces us to slow down in the morning and spend some time together. It is a real treat and a benefit of living in a city with so much good coffee and baked goods. Theo watches trucks go past, charms the baristas or has to be distracted by books and toys to behave depending on the day.

Trevor drives Theo to daycare near his work and I walk 15 mins down the street to my job as a project manager. I feel like I have just got the hang of balancing full-time work and a toddler (not that it is easy or without mom-guilt) as I am about to embark on my second mat leave.

Reunited at the end of the day by 5:30 or 6pm, I make dinner and we play with Theo. I have been trying to do more weekly meal planning to make nightly dinners easier, some weeks we do great and others are a bust. Luckily living on our street, anything we need is a block or two away so if we've forgotten any ingredients we can all walk together or one of us runs out quickly.

We are lucky that friends and family often come to our place during the week to visit which makes getting Theo ready for bed easier and we can hang out past his bed time. If we have no visitors and the weather allows we try to get out for a walk, bike ride or park visit as our guy is pretty energetic. Normally the night would end with some wine and Netflix but lately at 29 weeks pregnant I am not the best company after 9pm ;). A couple nights a week I try to write for 600sqft.com about our joys and challenges of living small.

Oh and we also try to get out one evening a week separately, Trevor usually plays floor hockey or basketball or checks out a nearby brewery with the guys. I haven’t been great about getting out lately with this pregnancy but have very good intentions to do so once baby #2 arrives.

Our weekends are much more exciting filled with outdoor adventures, travel, friends, toddler soccer and good food. But I thought the ins and outs of the weekday daily life, while more boring, is really what it's all about.

You are an inspiration, Alison!
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