mornings with my baby

One morning a week, it's just Clover and I. The other mornings I either have my two youngest, or all three, and I love those days too, but there is something about mornings with my baby.

It's hard to remember life with one child, and really we didn't have just one for long enough to form too many memories (I was pregnant with Oli when Lily was five months old). Exhaustion stole so many of my memories from the early days at home with Lily. As so many moms can attest, it really is a blur.

But if you have your kids close like we did, its a blur for years, not months. And then suddenly, things slow down. Kids start school or daycare and then you find yourself at home with just one baby again, but this time you savor it. You know better.

I'm wearing the Filly Tee from ROOLEE
+ Chloe's overalls are from Old Navy

To moms in the thick of it, the good news and the bad news is that it'll be over before you know it. It's ok if it's hard and you're tired and it's okay to be excited for the future. It's a strange line we walk as mothers: never wanting our babies to grow up, but also looking forward to seeing who they become (and ok, more alone time with our husbands!). The encouragement and the caution are the same: this too shall pass.

ps - I'm over on Momo in the 6 talking advice for new
moms today, if you're interested in reading along.


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