breakfast: a love story

When you read the title you probably thought this post would be all about how much I love breakfast. Hence the love story. But you were wrong. Have you ever read a good love story? They're not always so pretty. And neither is my relationship with breakfast.

My relationship with breakfast is a love story in that, I love breakfast foods, and I love preparing meals, and in return, proper breakfast food loves me back by giving me energy throughout the morning, health, and a satiated appetite. It's a beautiful relationship when it works. But right now it's complicated. Thanks to kids who are waking earlier in recent weeks (the one down side to the sun rising earlier), bad habits, an over-the-top sweet tooth, and harried mornings (three kids on three unique schedules), I haven't been a faithful lover to breakfast. I've cheated on proper breakfast with sweet, unfulfilling, quick breakfasts, but it's time to toss away those immature ways and get serious about breakfast. I know I need the energy that comes from protein and filling foods, and I need to cut the sugar.

Here's my two favourite proper breakfasts, these days. Now, breakfast and me are so tight, we're getting matching tattoos. Ahem. Enjoy!

Steel cut oats (time consuming but way better texture than regular oatmeal, and more filling) + sliced almonds + almond coconut milk + little bit of maple syrup.

Whole wheat English muffin with a microwaved egg (40 seconds, 1 egg in a coffee mug will do the trick! Add a little olive oil and season with s+p) and ½ an avocado, mashed.

Plus, of course, ALL THE COFFEE.

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