beautiful diaper bags!

When I was pregnant with Lily I was so excited to pick out a diaper bag! I got this classic one by Skip Hop because it was one of the only adult-looking bags on the market at the time. Most others were adorable for a baby, but not something I'd want to carry around with me in lieu of a purse. Why did we ever think that a bag for an adult should look like it's for a baby? Now a days though? Cute diaper bags are everywhere! Most are pretty pricey but I think you can justify the cost if you consider that these options would easily eliminate your need for a purse/handbag/carry-on luggage. I love that baby companies got wise to the fact that diaper bags are for moms, not babies.

One thing I've learned over the years is that a diaper bag (or any large bag, really) is hard to keep in your shoulders when you've bending over constantly to help kids with their shoes, changing diapers, or wearing a baby carrier. That's why there are a few backpacks on this list, too! I think backpacks really are the best thing for a diaper bag (I actually have #6)! Here are my top diaper bags slash bags-I'd-use-as-a-diaper-bag:

Starting at the top left -
  1. Kånken Original Backpack by Fjällräven
  2. Duo Signature by Skip Hop
  3. Duet 2-in-1 by Skip Hop
  4. Metro Messenger by Timi & Lesie
  5. Charlie by Timi & Lesie
  6. Double Zip Backpack by Indigo
  7. Versa by Skip Hop
  8. Brave Backpack by Matt & Nat 
  9. Studio Day-to-Night by Skip Hop
I shopped around briefly to find the links to these bags at the lowest price. Indigo came out on top this time! Amazon was $10-20 more and Well was $5-10 more in this case. I love shopping online because you can easily price check, and the major places where I buy things online (Amazon, Well, Indigo) each have their own niche for the best prices - apparently Indigo is it for bags! Enjoy, mamas!


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  2. Those are really gorgeous diaper bags - love them! We're having a baby shower next week and I'd love to give one of this to my friend who's due in 3 weeks! That being said, I think I'm also getting her a daypack since she and her hubby do camp a lot and with a baby in the offing, they might not have enough funds for other things like camping gears. Since I'm a great friend, might as well throw in a great bag, right? I'm looking at more affordable options for bags, and this site looks promising: http://myoutdoorslife.com/gear/traveling/best-daypack.html

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