in lieu of the tooth fairy...

Lily lost her first tooth! It was wiggly for a few weeks, and we felt like it would never fall out (and it was totally gross!), but finally it did.

I recently read a blog post about the going rate for the tooth fairy and I was kind of appalled. A small gift plus $1-5 per tooth! In my head I was doing the math for 20 teeth per child, and three kids, and quickly decided that there must be a better way.

It's not easy to be both celebratory and minimalist, and the tooth fairy is just another domain where that's true. So we gave her the choice between one proper toy, or 20 small things (and no money) such as stickers. We were fairly certain that she'd go for the proper toy and were very relieved when she did! She chose Everest,  this cute little pup toy from her favourite show, Paw Patrol.

I'm so glad we went this route, because I want them to have meaningful, quality toys instead of tons of low-quality ones that break or lose their interest quickly. Plus Everest is such a cool character for her to love: she's strong, playful, tough and friendly, and her day job is rescuing lost or hurt snowboarders on the mountain. I'll take that over a Disney princess any day!

Look at that gap! And a couple days later she lost the tooth right beside it, so now it's enormous! haha! It's so cute!


  1. Good idea ! We are just entering this phase too. We vill go for a small amount of money. Since my kids thinks 25 cent is big deal ;) we are not gonna ruin ourselves. Any amount of money we give they are happy. The big two are saving for Lego, and I like that they learn to save and wait for what they want. Totally agree on the cheap toys ! Lily seems so tall and more than her 5 years old !

    1. I'm not opposed to money, though I think our kids are a little young to appreciate it. And I'm afraid the coins would get lost in bed, haha! Lily is SUPER tall for her age :)