chip krispie treats (aka junk food + junk food)

I love unique takes on classic junk food. The foodie scene in Montreal is brimming with this style of food and I'm not mad about it. Just insert the word "gourmet" in front of any classic junk food, and there are restos here doing it right - burgers and hot dogs with incredible toppings and buns, french fries made in duck fat, lobster poutine, bacon and maple donuts. I mean, how is anyone's heart still working properly?

One snack I've never made before is the humble rice krispie treat. I didn't love them as a kid, and have never made them as an adult. Did I just lose my mom status? Firstly, I've always found them too sweet. Plus, have you ever made those things? It's the messiest task ever! Though sure, it's quick and there are only three ingredients...

I was finally motivated to give them a try when I stumbled upon an interesting variation on Instagram. Swap salty chips in for traditional rice krispies and you've got flavour complexity, crunchier texture, and you're in salty sweet heaven. I had to try them.

There is nothing redeeming about this recipe. It's utter junk food through and through. But it gets points for being inventive, at least! Try not to make these too often, k?
  • 1 bag of chips, broken up into small pieces (very cathartic)
  • 2-3 tb of butter
  • 4½ cups of mini marshmallows
>>> melt the butter on medium heat, stir in the marshmallows, then remove from heat and add your chips. Stir like crazy, then put into a 9x9 baking dish and press down with your hands. Your hands will be gross. Go with it. Pop the dish in the fridge so your treats set, then cut and serve.

Enjoy! And promise you'll only make them rarely...


  1. fun! you also MUST try Smitten Kitchen's brown butter rice krispies. They are salty and delicious, by far the best version I have ever tried and most adults go crazy for them as much as kids! My favorite easy treat for potlucks, etc. http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/11/salted-brown-butter-crispy-treats/ I actually don't find them that messy either (and I am a seriously messy cook).

  2. Kirsten29.2.16

    When we made rice krispie squares as a kid my mom always had us wet our hands with cold water before pressing the mix into the pan. Worked like a charm!! Just a thought :)

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