the perfect dress

Have you guys ever heard of ROOLEE? Last year I bought a pair of shoes from their website (which I discovered on Instagram) and fell in love with their style + prices. They have a ton of pieces for under $20, and now they ship to Canada!

When ROOLEE offered to send me a few of their Spring pieces, I couldn't resist! And the first thing I had on my mind was this dress. It's seriously the perfect dress. I can wear it to the park, to church, out with Brad, running errands, anywhere!

I love wearing dresses but I find with my height, most end up being way too short, or too low in the neckline. And it's so hard to find something that's not too casual (like you'd wear it to the pool) or too dressy. This is an every day dress, but I like that I can dress it up with a belt. And pockets in dresses - whoever invented this, I want to kiss you!

As soon as the weather warms up I'll be wearing this dress allllllll the time, but for now I had to stick to inside only. My friend Loni snapped these shots in a Breather space in St-Henri. After we dropped off our combined seven children at school/playschool/daycare we raced over to the Breather, where we had this room booked for only thirty minutes. It was boiling hot in there (a total change from outside!) but we had a so much fun. I'm no model, and had no idea what I was doing (and feel suuuuper self conscious posting this!) but having a sweet friend along for the ride totally helped.

ROOLEE  has 20% off all of their clearance pieces right now with the code SPRINGCLEANING!

Also, I dare you not to laugh while trying to take a jumping picture! Oh nothing, just flying through the sky in my cute dress, I do this every day. Ha!

*This post was in collaboration with 
ROOLEE, all opinions are my own!


  1. I love this dress! I too am looking for perfect summer dresses and I find that most are just way too short. When your small and tall it just never seems to work out so thanks for the recommendation!

    1. exactly, Michelle! it's a great cut, but does fit really large. I'd usually get a medium nad I'm wearing a small here (and it's roomy!), just FYI :)