a quick trip to Ontario!

Last week we went on a quick trip to Ontario, just the kids and I. I've done the drive from Montreal to Niagara about 10 times, but I'm always surprised at how well it goes (and how long it feels towards the end!),  especially being on my own with the three meatballs. I'm planning a post about roadtripping with kids soon, for those who have asked!

Lily had the Friday off school already, so we left as soon as she came home from school for lunch on Thursday. Our first stop was Guelph to spend a few days with Vanessa and her amazing boys. Vanessa has such a heart for true hospitality. Not worldly hospitality, as in, entertaining and putting on a show for guests, but the real deal. The heart that says be at home here, if you're under my roof, you're part of my family. I love her.

I was always nervous about having a son because I grew up with just girls in my family (and the boys I saw at the park and around town were always so hyper and violent!). When I found out that I was having a boy, I actually cried! Scared, not happy tears! Of course, there's more to a person's character than their sex, and I quickly learned that you can raise a sensitive, caring boy, but I wish I had of known Vanessa's boys back when I was nervous about having boys. Her sons are so sweet, fun, thoughtful, and adorable. I don't care which two marry my daughters, so long as it happens! LOL.

While V's two older boys were in school on Friday, we took advantage of only having five kids in our charge and went out for the day. We stopped at this lovely cafe, The Common. It was dreamy! Open and bright, warm and rustic. Kids, adults, creatives, professionals, happily mingling to the sweet smell of roasted coffee. Discovering new cafes with my tribe is absolutely one of my happy places, so it was extra special when a photographer who was working at The Common stopped us and offered to snap a picture. I've shared his info on Instagram if you're in the Guelph/Toronto area. So thankful for a souvenir of that sweet day.

Next we headed down to Niagara for a very short but incredibly special visit with my newborn niece, Addison. Originally I was planning to take the train down by myself to meet her, but then Addie was born four weeks early so I had to bring the kiddos. Since I was just in Toronto for Lisa's shower, brad couldn't take more time off work to watch the kids. In the end I'm actually really thankful the kids came. It was precious to see them react to their first cousin.

Being around two mothers of newborns, within such a short time brought back all the feelings! I especially remembered the emotional roller coaster of doubt, fear, guilt, pride that breastfeeding brought on (you can read what I've written on that in the past here.)

We only stayed one night in Niagara and drove the eight hours back to Montreal the next day. It was a long drive, but my heart was full from sweet friendship, family, and basking in the miracle of little Addie.


  1. Sounds like a great time! I have some family out in Guelph and hope to visit again soon, I'll definitely check out The Common when I'm there.

    Sweet Spontaneity