Once a year, I invite my readers to join the series A DAY IN HER LIFE. I always find it cathartic to read through the day in the life of other women, because at the end of the day when you strip away our differences, we're all just women living life the best way we know how. For some readers it involves caring for their children, volunteering, pursuing careers, investing in relationships... we are all so unique and I love reading your stories! You can read past contributions here for an idea, if you're not familiar with the series.

Now it's your turn! Would you like to contribute to my next A DAY IN HER LIFE series? It's simply chronicling your day with pictures, some words, and sharing a bit about your normal. There aren't many regulations about guests. You simply need to be a blogger or writer, and you need to be a woman. I already have some amazing contributors lined up and would love to add a few more!

I'm open to repeat guests, as I know a lot can change in one's schedule in a year, but priority will be given to new contributors. E-mail me at emily.terreberry@gmail.com if you'd like to share a day in your life on Our Nest In The City!

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