Halloween in the Mile-End

This year was our first year going trick-or-treating with the kids and it did not disappoint. Every other year we've had a new born or littles who go to bed far too early (or both) to bother with celebrating Halloween in all it's glory. It was so fun to finally get these meatballs dressed up! We had a forest fairy, a fireman, and a monkey this year.

The forest fairy idea was my attempt to collaborate with Lily. She wanted to be a princess or fairy - really anything that was all pink and glittery. This is a topic for another day, but I wanted her to have a fun costume that resembled her ideas, without buying the cultural recipe for "little girl" aka PINK EVERYTHING. We paired this tutu from Old Navy with a second-hand green sweater, some hand-me-down fairy wings, and a leaf crown that we made from faux leaves bought at Dollarama. Oh and gold glitter on her eyes for good measure! She loved it!

Chloe was supposed to be a forest fairy too, and we have the same tutu in her size and made her a little crown as well, but the morning of Halloween she was a bit sick so we thought the cozy monkey costume that we had from a friend would be more comfortable. And Oli's dreams came true when my parents brought him his birthday present (which is two days before Halloween) - a super authentic Fire Fighter costume. They were visiting last weekend which was really fun!

We went to an outdoor party hosted by the kid's play school and then on to Rue Waverly, a residential street in the Mile End that's known for it's trick-or-treating. Friends of ours who live on Waverly joked that it's the Waverly street tax - if you live there it's understood that each Halloween you've got to spend a couple hundred dollars on candy. Most urban homes don't give out candy so it's hard for city kids to know where it's safe to trick-or-treat, but there are always a few pockets of residential streets that do it up right. Waverly is one such street in the Mile End, but I've also known of people heading to the more residential urban boroughs of Westmount and Outremont for their candy fix.

Oli just about lost his mind when we ran into a parked fire truck filled with candy-toting fire fighters in costumes. They did too when they saw him dressed up! Several fire fighters asked me to take selfies with them and Oli! Too bad he was on his last legs by this point. He was too tired and sugared up to get out of the stroller but later when he saw the pictures he couldn't believe his luck.

My parents were in town for the whole weekend which made trick-or-treating with three little ones fairly easy. More adults than kids makes for a smooth night... or as smooth as possible when the night involves obscene amounts of sugar, staying up past bedtime, and walking for miles. I can't wait for next year! Now, who has some recipes involving mini-chocolate bars?

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