three movies I'm dying to see

I love going to the theatre. Before having kids, Tuesday cheap nights were my jam. But these days movies are more rare. If both Brad and I go, we need to find a babysitter, and finding a babysitter for a date where we aren't even going to talk isn't the highest priority. So Brad and I have actually started going to the occasional movie alone. It's perfect! We can save our babysitters for date nights where we can really connect as a couple, and take turns seeing the movies we really want to see, knowing the kids are safe at home with mom or dad.

Let's be real for a minute. I hate my husband's taste in movies! And he hates mine! Aside from the occasional super hero action flick, we don't have a ton of films we both want to see, so this works out so well. Here are three movies I can't wait to see...

The Armor of Light



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