Amsterdam, Holland!

This is part II of our first trip abroad as a family of five (see Copenhagen here)

After Copenhagen we flew to Amsterdam, Holland. For free. It's getting harder and harder to obtain the necessary points for free travel now that we're a family of five, but thankfully Chloe was still free to fly this time!

Here was our first view of Amsterdam. Sure we'd just flown to another country and taken a long train from the airport and had three tiny humans in tow and a hundred pounds of luggage (or a thousand? Not sure), but I'd say it was still love at first sight!

Amsterdam was essentially the rebellious brother of Copenhagen. Absolutely gorgeous, rich history, but on the darker side. It's a gorgeous city with amazing history, but parts of the current culture leave something to be desired. I'll let the hash tags do the talking.  #legalizedprostitution #legalizedmarijuana #sextourism #drugtourism  

We explored to our hearts content. The weather was much warmer than in Copenhagen as we were much farther south (and further along towards summer) so we loved finding some kiddie pools to cool off at Amsterdam's answer to Central Park.

As it wasn't yet summer, the schools were still in session so the parks were empty during the days. But around 4 o'clock right until around 8pm, they were packed with young families. Dreams!


Such quality time with the kids though. The kind that you have to be away from your job and your home and your distractions and basically your life to achieve. 


Yes, I carried Lily in the carrier! And then we forgot it in Amsterdam. Boo. And now even Chloe is too big for it anyway! Where has the time gone?

Another day trip, this time, ironically, to FLEE the city. We needed some fresh air. Literally, everywhere in Amsterdam smells like pot. We went to Delft and it was the loveliest little town and the perfect quick escape.

What a priceless way to spend Brad's paternity leave.

Now, if you're thinking, "gee, must be nice to travel the world, but I'm not made of money or patience" I have two things to say:

1) Our trip was *almost* free because my husband is a budgeting/air miles collecting/saving fiend with many a trick up his sleeve and yes I'll be sharing all about how you can do the same sometime soon


2) Our mentality during the hard times (i.e. THE FLIGHTS) was that whatever difficulties we came across, they were worth it to see the world and experience it with our kids. If you'd like to read my thoughts on traveling with kids, check out my post on Roasted.

And there were major difficulties, make no mistake. Jet lag and 8 hour long flights and insanely long layovers in inhospitable airports and delayed flights and ill-equipped rental apartments made for some funny memories and also, lets be honest, hard times. But oh, the good times! What an incredible experience.

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  1. Once you escape from the dead centre and venture out into old neighbourhoods mostly inhabited by Dutch (old stock and of recent immigration) there isn't such a smell of pot. The Dutch are actually rather staid and hard-working - Calvinists like the Scots and the Swiss. And obsessed with tidiness.

    Fortunately, more and more people there are having second thoughts about the sex industry. The initial idea was harm reduction, but most of the sex workers come from very poor places in Eastern Europe and the global South. For some time, the city has been reducing the number of "windows" and favouring a more cultural type of tourism... The number of 'coffeeshops" (cafés selling pot) has also been reduced and they can no longer be near schools.

    As I'm s veteran cycling activist, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are windows into what could be. Amsterdam has wonderful trams with a low floor design, accessible to disabled people and parents with strollers. All the stops are announced both by voice and visually, accomodating people with visual or hearing disabilities.