Copenhagen, Denmark!

We are back from an amazing time in Europe/Scandinavia with the littles. Our first trip as a family of five! You can read about how we afford air travel on a limited budget here, if you're interested. Now, on to pictures!

 We're smiling here because the 16 hour day of travel was just starting.

This is about 1/3 of the way through the day...

people always say, "oh hey! you guys are incredible for traveling with kids! I'd never do that!" to which I say yes. I hear you. At this point I had my doubts too.

But then we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark. Land of milk and honey.

 And by milk I mean modern Danish design, and by honey I mean cleanest city ever.

Scandinavian people are seriously the least pretentious lot you could come across. Even the palace guards smiled at our kids!

Yes, I said palace. How did I not know Denmark was a monarchy? Unbridled. Joy.

Scandinavia was also INSANELY family/child-friendly. All of the museums and airports had strollers just there. For people to use. For free. Also incredibly modern. elevators were literally everywhere, probably to accommodate said strollers.

It was so wonderful to have Brad to ourselves for three whole weeks! 
Thank you Quebec, for his paternity leave!

We took the kids everywhere. Museums, castles, you name it. Everything was so easy with the free strollers and elevators and there was so much to see.

One day we rented a car and drove to a small town outside of Copenhagen. It was beautiful but we missed the city. Go figure.

European playgrounds. I can't even. 

Castle touring. Side note: I came home slightly obsessed with the Danish royal family.

And with Danish china. Royal Copenhagen tea cups, normally over $100 in Canada found for $20 at a vintage store in Copenhagen. #souvenir

Every day we had lunch, dinner, or both outside. Picnic style.

Copenhagen was our favourite of the two cities we stayed in. Nothing compared.

Family Selfies!

I'll post about Amsterdam, the next leg of our trip, soon!


  1. Loved all the pictures!!!

  2. Anonymous27.7.14

    I love how you say it : ''Such quality time with the kids though. The kind that you have to be away from your job and your home and your distractions and basically your life to achieve.''

  3. Nicky28.7.14

    Really looking forward to hearing your tips on how to travel for less!

  4. You have inspired both my husband and I to start to save for a trip to Demar/Holland next summer or fall. We are anxiously awaiting to hear how you traveled for less!

  5. Such beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing family adventure.
    Can't wait to learn how you guys make it happen! :)

  6. Can't wait to hear how your husband is a budgeting whiz! And yay for photo dumping so we could all live vicariously through you!

  7. So fun that you visited Copenhagen, I'm from Denmark! I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I definitely didn't expect to see so many familiar sights on your blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed Scandinavia, welcome back any time :)

    1. thank you Cecilie! What an amazing country you're from!!