explore the world for free!

This post title totally sounds like one of those infomercials promising unrealistic things to an unsuspecting public. Except it's legit and we've traveled with our kids (and alone too) around the globe for next to nothing. I promise. So the first time we took Lily and Oli to France for three weeks a lot of people were asking questions. And if they weren't, I know they were secretly thinking "is he a church planter by day and bank thief by night?!" Which of course he isn't, because he's also a church planter by night, hello long hours in the early years.

Anyway, After that trip we promised to fill you all in our our cheap/free traveling ways but those plans fell by the wayside. Then we went away without our kids, back to France because FRANCE. Also for free. And this spring we spent almost a month in Denmark and Holland - our first trip with three kids - also for nearly nothing.

I thought about blogging all of that info on this space but my blog isn't a travel blog and my husband is the mastermind behind all of our money-saving methods anyway, so he wrote a big long crazy informative post and put it up on another blog. He spend so many hours writing this thing you guys. It took him an insane amount of time to compile the information so that we could do this ourselves and we wanted to share it with you! We love traveling and we love having our three kids in tow (SOMETIMES) but we don't have a lot of money. You might be the same. So rejoice! Because there's a way, friends :)


happy exploring!


  1. yesssss. It sounds a lot less complicated and drawn out than I had imagined.

  2. Anonymous5.9.14

    going to try it. thanks for the info.

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