commercials make me cry.

Like, a lot of commercials. I'm well aware that I'm being manipulated but those ad men are just too good. This is one reason I love Netflix... not being sold anything (at least not as directly as in a commercial) is a huge plus. We don't have any other means of watching TV except the commercial-free glorious Netflix account, so I miss a lot of commercials. My parents recently told me about a NyQuil commercial about how Moms don't get to call in sick. It was my life a couple weeks back when we all had a terrible flu, and both my mom and dad on separate occasions mentioned this hilariously true commercial. Anyway, I haven't still haven't seen it but I appreciate the idea behind it, because hello, we can't. But anyway, commercials.

Have you seen the Similac one? I just saw it via Facebook and I can't stop welling up when I think about it, now 48 hours later. It hits a nerve because it is deeply true and many of us mamas have been deeply wounded in these Mommy Wars. Watch. Cry. Enjoy.

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  1. this commercial made me tear up a bit when i first saw it. the mommy wars are real!! the criticism starts when you're pregnant and continues after birth. i've definitely learned to let (most) criticisms roll of my back. for me, it took going through pregnancy and becoming a mother to become less judgemental myself. i think the judgement often comes from a place of concern, so i try to remember that when someone said/says something hurtful to me about being pregnant or parenting