positive parenting tip - saying "no"

Our kids are our little disciples, aren't they? Except they're so young and inexperienced in the world that we basically teach them e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Not just sanctification or helping them through an area of growth. ALL THE THINGS. The tough thing I'm finding with really young kids is that a lot of that requires frustratingly redundant repetition. Saying the same thing every day for months and months and eventually it yields fruit. We hope!

Well with really young kids it's often a lot of "don't do that!" and "no no no!" as they're about to smack their sibling or touch something hot or run towards an open staircase. It can all feel really negative and discouraging. A few years ago I observed a friend of mine with a baby the same age as Lily (who at the time was under 2 years old) correcting her daughter in a neat way. Instead of saying "don't touch" or "no" every time her daughter grabbed something she wasn't allowed to have (which of course is every twenty seconds give or take), she'd say "not for babies" as she took the object away.

Not for babies. 

I like it. Simple, direct, corrective. But not NO.


  1. That's a great correction. A lot better than "no." It always strikes me as unfortunate when little kids start repeating what we say and it's almost always "no."

    Also, it is crazy how much little Lily looks JUST LIKE YOU! And I love your new hair color/style!