ready and waiting.


This is the week my older two were born, so of course I'm on high alert. The hospital bag is packed, her baby clothes are washed and ready, her bassinet is clean and made up in our room, I've bought the herbs to help with milk production, yada yada yada.

I don't know if it's because all my children have been due around the turn of the season - and the turn of my favourite season at that (Fall!), but the anticipation seems to take on so many forms. I'm just ready for change. Ready to pack away summer clothes. Ready to hunker down for a cozy cool autumn and even cozier colder winter. Ready to be a family of five after 6 months of trying for and nearly 9 months of carrying our 5th member. She's been on our minds for over a year and it's almost time to welcome her. I can't wait. But of course, I have to.

How do you handle waiting for something so momentous?

Wedding? Big exam? Start of a new job? New baby? Etc.?

I think I usually start well then peter out... As in, Up until this week I was finishing projects around the house left, right, and center. And ok, so my husband is still in that mode (love him!). I was whipping around the house cleaning everything, preparing everything, getting all my ducks in a row. Because I was sure she was imminent. I was having false labour like mad and every piece of material out there said that labour meant real labour and to go to the hospital. Well, I didn't go, and I'm glad I didn't. Anyway, after the other night and our near trip to the hospital, I've just kind of lost my ambition.

I don't have to keep getting ready because I AM READY. The baby things are sorted, we bought the larger car and sold our other one, the kid's big-kid bed (trundle style) is purchased and getting a makeover by my diligent husband, I've cleaned the clothes and made the plans. Now I'm just waiting, and probably not making the best use of my time. All that nesting has kind of slipped away and now I'm just trying to pass the time quickly. Probably wasting parts of it while I'm at it.

Baby girl, I know it would be just under two weeks early, so it's a lot to ask, but if you wanted to come today I'd be OK with that! And if you wanted to wait until a few days from now when your siblings were born (38w 5d), I'd be OK with that too. And truthfully, I'd be OK with you coming at 40 weeks or more, because this pregnancy has been a gift and I'm shocked at my lack of back pain and loving it, so yeah, you could wait longer too if you really wanted to. But let the record show that I'm ready for my third baby, like, yesterday :)

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  1. I so feel you! What other momentous, positive, life-changing event do you not know the date of?! (weddings, flights, move-in/out dates, job interviews/starts, graduation...)
    Last year at this precise date that was so exactly where I was at. I had just assumed/hoped the whole pregnancy that our daughter would be born a few days early because her brother was, and because it would fit our life better - her papa has 5 weeks of summer school holidays, and we wanted her to arrive during that time thank you very much. Her due date fell 3 days before the end of school holidays (and papa would only get one day off school if she was born during school time). We had moved 1 month earlier, so at first it was all a flurry of getting settled and I felt like her arrival was IMMINENT a month before her due date. But eventually we got moved in, settled. And waited. And waited. 2 days after her due date I made peace with the fact that she would not come during summer hols, accepted it and was actually happy to wait the next 2 days. She came when she was ready and it was awesome, she was so "ready" to be in the world, a much better start.
    It probably feels like she will never come but SHE WILL! End is in sight!