a day in HER life [Vénusia]

Today's guest blogger and life shar-er is my new friend Vénusia. She's also a pastor's wife in Montreal and I love her French blog Buttons In A Cup Mama. She's graciously written her post in English, but check our her blog if you want to practice your French :)

4am - Each night is different, this one is a good one, she slept 6 hours straight. Nursing and falling asleep soon after.

Until 7:30am - Well, sleeping, good thing to do in those hours.

7:30am - My son wakes up and my husband gets up to play with him before breakfast. Mommy and the little sisters are sleeping. My IPod rings to let me know I got an email, hem... it can wait! The deal is: mommy nurses in the night and daddy takes care of the kids in the morning. Wonderful hubby!

8-8:30am - Nursing in my bed, enjoying a little bit more time under the covers!

8:30am - Getting out of bed, it is going to be a chaotic day, like each day with a young baby is. The sky announces a cloudy day. Putting clothes on, changing diapers. Eating breakfast with my oldest daughter still at the table. While the boys are prepping for the day.

9:20am - Kids at the table, doing some activity books. 20 minutes late on my planning. Trying to put the family back into some routine before the back to home school next week. Coffee in hand, I enjoy 30 seconds of the rainy temperature by my window, before someone is asking me for something. Doing some random prep for next week. My husband is blessed to take 6 months away from work to be with us and try to finish his theological studies at Sembeq. He leaves to go study somewhere with more quiet.

10am - Interruption, my mom calls via Skype. It's this day of the week where we chat while the kids are screaming to get her attention around me. Today, they are quite calm, playing Playmobil by my side. I nurse again and put baby in bed after.

10:30am - Random cleaning, Nursing a little again while reading. Today it's Having a new kid by Friday and a bit of Creation regained (for a course in Sembeq). Putting back the baby in bed. Repairing a kid's book, putting away the luggage from yesterday's going back from weekend. Kids play alone.

11:30am - Lunch prep, kids have to clean the mess they did in the living room.

12pm - Daddy comes back and we all eat lunch.

1pm -  Relaxation time. It's this time of the day when the kids (not the baby) have to "read" books or play quietly in their room. I nurse and read again. Write a blog post. All that while the oldest sister is still eating... that is a big problem over here right now... no more comments on that ;-)

2pm - Having a good 15 minutes where all the 3 kids are quiet and I can come before the throne of the Almighty in prayer to ask him to help me in my mom job. I don't always have a good quiet time in the day when the kids are awake, but when I have, it is so good. Kids come out of their room.

2:30 - Testing a new muffin recipe with my little helper/daughter and also baking a peach pie.

3pm -  Nursing again and snacking on muffins... it's a winner.

3:30-4:30pm - Going for the first time on a walk alone with the three kids. The girls are quiet and happy in the stroller while I have a want-to-be detective by my side who entertains me talking all the way long.

4:45pm - Dinner prep, taking pictures of the muffins for my blog, cleaning up kids mess (again), unloading the dishwasher.

5:15pm - Dinner time

5:25pm - Nursing, yes I eat fast those days. Baby seems to always want to be held or to eat during meals.

5:50 - Cleaning dinner table, while eating my dessert (multitasking mom), big sister "reads" a book to baby while big brother is in the bath.

6:15-7pm - Chatting with the baby, nursing, taking it slow. While the hubby does the bed time routine.
7pm - Washing dishes

7:30 -  Doing some altering on hubby's new skinny jeans.

8pm - Sketching for future craft while watching Les chefs.

8:30pm - Doing an important phone call.

9pm -  Chatting with hubby, nursing, looking at olds pictures of my kids.
10pm - Shower, putting baby into bed. Reading my Bible and praying. Than ZZzzzzzzzzz !

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