summer vows 2013

Yesterday I shared a few grace-filled, low-key goals that I have for myself and our family this summer. I'd love to hear some of yours! Vows are a different thing though, and I wanted to add that as well. Vows, because goals alone can make me legalistic, and because my goals often needed a back story. If I'm aiming to go to the splash pad twice a week with Lily and Oli, I need the vow that I won't feel guilty when pregnancy slows me down - because some weeks, I'll just be too darn pregnant to make the trip to the splash pad. AND THAT'S OK. (preaching to myself). Here they are, and please feel free to share yours!

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  1. I love this. But I WILL complain more than necessary about being too hot. Ugh I do not warm up pretty :)