summer goals 2013

I thought I'd make a few grace-filled, low-key goals for us this summer, since it's so easy for summer to slip us by. I've heard people criticize the author of a viral blog post called "18 Summers" (a post where the author reminds us moms that we only have 18 summers with our kids) for putting too much pressure on parents. For me, it's just a gentle and sound reminder. Of course, I hope to have many more than 18 summers with my kids, but the idea is that they're only "kids" for a few of the summers. That sticks with me. It motivates me to get out when I don't feel like it. To say "yes" to the park, or the splash pad, or ice cream when usually I might not.

Especially in a winter wonderland like Montreal, we need to cherish summers, so I'm aiming to. And since I'm very goal-oriented, I made some formal (though grace-filled and low-key, remember!) goals for this summer.

What are your summer goals? 
Maybe they're a lot more specific than mine!
Coming up tomorrow, my summer VOWS. (it's a different thing)

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  1. Anonymous9.7.13

    While obvious, I'll still say that it's funny that from adult perspective it seems like so few summers exist when children are young, but looking back and remembering the childhood perspective, it still feels like I spent eons in kid-summer-stage. From their time perspective: so much less pressure. Also, having siblings close in age makes summer so much more fun (in my experience, and also I assume for Lily, Oli, and #3!), and I have full faith that you're a fantastically creative Mom with strong "summer enjoyment" mentality. Good luck with your grace-filled and low-key goals! (The best kind.) - Jenny Nasmith