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Hey guys! Happy Canada Day (yesterday) to my fellow Canadians. We crossed the boarder just in time to celebrate after a week in the USA where Brad was doing a course for his MDiv. It was a total whirlwind and the trip was a lot of trouble for just one week (normally if Brad has to be gone for a week for school, work, whatever, I'd just stay in Montreal) but I was glad we made all the extra effort to stay together. It did mean two days driving 7 and 10 hours respectively to get there and the same to get back, and it also meant being away from home when everyone in the family except me was sick (did I mention everyone in the family except me was sick?), but it was worth it. Brad has to travel a lot as he's finishing up his Masters program at a school 16 hours from us, and as he's connecting with our church planting network which is based in Toronto and New York, and just as he's generally meeting with churches and individuals who support the church plant, so any time there's an opportunity for me and the kids to tag along - we try to take it.

Here are a few scenes from our last week:
  1. Louisville was busy and the days were often hard (who am I kidding, with two sick kids, the nights are hard too!), but one night I got away with my sister's BFF who happens to live right near where we were staying, and she took me to this amazing frozen yogurt place. Watermelon Sorbet with sour worms + gummy bears? Yep.
  2. A classic picture of many of the nights in Louisville. Up with my feverish boy. Only would stop crying in my arms, and if I was standing. Meaning, he wouldn't go to dad, he wouldn't go to me if I were sitting or laying down, and that I was exhausted!
  3. That happened though. Which was awesome.
  4. Anthropologie usually isn't my thing - way too expensive for things you can find at a secondhand store! - but they had a great sale and we went. I got 8 of their signature bowls for 50% off :)
  5. We got in to my parent's house at 4am on Saturday morning, just in time to celebrate Canada + the long weekend!
  6. One of my many US purchases (because it's soooooooooo much cheaper there for things like fabric, and always free shipping) - fabric to re-cover the dining chairs. Will be blogging lots about that this week!
  7. Another purchase - bourbon barrel stout. OH GOSH. Last summer when I wasn't pregnant, I really enjoyed this beer. We bought a four pack and are saving a couple for me to enjoy in September after I give birth!
  8. This sweet girl was vomiting at my parent's house on the way down to Louisville, and the first morning we arrived in Louisville. Tough times for her, but she was a trooper!
  9. Brad's mom sent the kids a Canada Day care package! So sweet and thoughtful - totally her thing! Oli was obsessed with the flag stickers.
  10. My dad and Oli at my parent's house. They looked like twins in their board shorts!
  11. Have you had a Starbucks Lime Refresher? DO IT. The lime flavour is half the sugar/calories as the other flavours and tastes way better. I learned that there IS caffeine in them though, so don't share them with your kids like I did. #oops
  12. Lily's new thing = only swimming nekkid. Here she is sporting a beach ball as a modesty patch. Ha.
  13. Lily and Brad's dad on Canada Day! BBQing in the back yard - does it get more "Canadian Summer"? I guess if they were at a lake... but we're city people!
  14. I'm feeling super prego, so here's a 28 week bump shot! 
  15. Oli once he was healthy = completely different human being.
  16. My dad taught me a fool proof way to poach eggs! FINALLY! Poached eggs are by far my favourite but after years of attempting to poach them, I've never found a way to do it. I always lose all the white or over cook them. Since he taught me I've had sauteed spinach and garlic on toast with poached eggs for several meals.
OK, are we caught up now? Good! How was your Canada Day weekend?


  1. love this!! glad you guys are home safe and feeling better. How do you poach eggs?? I have the same issue!

    1. I'm sharing the recipe on friday :)