Pictures of BOTH kids. Together.

Lately I've been able to capture the kids together a lot and I wanted to do a little photo dump to prove it. I know the more kids we have the harder it will be to get them captured together, because it's already hard with just two! So here's our last few days. And a fun giveaway is coming your way later this afternoon!

Have you seen blogs doing the photo series of their children where they take a picture of their kids on the corresponding number date of the month? Like, if they have 5 kids, they take a picture and post it, of all 5, on the 5th? That might be a great way to remember and motivate to get pictures of the siblings together, especially after baby3 comes... if only I could remember the date! Oh mom brain :)

How do you prioritize pictures of ALL your kids? Or better yet, the whole fam?
We haven't done one since Christmas...

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  1. i think it's funny that you have trouble getting pics of them together. My mom was always the opposite... being the first child there are LOTS of me alone. After the sibs came though I'm not sure I could find any picture alone - there is always someone else in it too!