well done, IKEA (toys)

Affordable, gender-neutral, simple, clean, colourful. 

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This is why I love IKEA for children's toys. As I wrote yesterday, most toy stores are not so broad or diverse. Usually the play kitchens are plastic and pink and any car or tool related toys are painted black or blue and are obnoxiously geared towards young boys (there are often flames and Army patterns to boot!).

And this bothers me as a mother to a little lady and a little man, because I don't want them to think that because of their gender they're not able to play with certain toys or one day, be certain things. Oli's uncle is a chef and I'd LOVE him to follow in his foot steps, but most play kitchens are not made for boys. The list goes on, and my issues with available, affordable children's toys are many, but that's why I love IKEA.

Most of the toys here are $10 or under, and the larger investment pieces (work bench, kitchen) are the same price as similar products available elsewhere (I think our play kitchen which is also wooden, but smaller, was only slightly less). We own almost everything you see here and both of our children play with them equally. Lily may think the three IKEA babies are all hers, but Oli steals them every chance he gets! And bonus: they blend well into your home too! All toys available here.

Happy playing kiddies :)


  1. oh, Ikea, how I love you! We were just there last week and I was perusing the toy section. I know we'll own many Ikea toys in years to come :)

  2. Totally agree. We are big fans too. Also, their stuffed animals and plush toys LAST FOREVER.... They can be washed over and over and over again...

  3. Hi Emily, I am your newest follower! My friend Whitney Miller recommended your blog and I'm looking forward to reading along!

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