the perfect Plateau day (and a quick DIY)

Today was one of those days that makes me feel like I'm still dragging my feet in the 1st trimester, even though I'm officially in my 2nd. I was tired all.day.long. Even after a nap. I could blame Oli's 12am wake up, or Lily's 6:30am start to the day, but I know it's more than that - I'm just one sleepy mama. Growing a baby is hard work! And when I'm feeling like this I have two choices: give in or fight. I usually give in because it's super cold out anyways and the kids are just as content being at home hanging out, but today was mild and Oli was antsy - I had to get out of the house and fight this crazy fatigue!

So I put on makeup and real clothes (I know, huge deal) and after a quick lunch we were off! I immediately felt better, just being out of sweats. We walked ten minutes or do with Oli in our trusty Beco Gemini carrier (the kid is at least 25lbs and is still a BREEZE to carry, whilst prego, because this carrier is such the bomb. seriously, invest in one if you're going to be a mama!), looking for adventure. I'm loving my Hunters and purposely walked through as many puddles as I could. Clearly my mood was climbing too.

blurry selfie to show off my 14 week bump!

We stopped at Cafe Sardine for a latte and orange sugar doughnut. Oli walked around saying hi to people and tasted my doughnut (big fan, obviously) and then we were off again. We explored the cool enclave of the Plateau called the Mile End where we were spending our afternoon, popping in and out of shops and generally loving life. I grabbed some David's Tea (red velvet, oolong coconut, earl grey cream) since I'm out and still somewhat off coffee (minus the latte I drank ten minutes prior... hey...I was tired). Then Oli was asking for food so we jumped into the nearest cafe/resto (Le Cagibi) and got him a couple 50 cent mini muffins to tide him over til dinner.

On the way home I stopped into a boutique and got to chatting with the owner. She was convinced her and I had met the summer before at the neighbourhood splash pad and I didn't think so at first, but when she mentioned her son's super cool (and I already forget it) name, I recalled it. It was fun running into a local mama and I invited her to join my soon-to-be-off-haitus mom's group, which she happily accepted! Such a fun day, and so much better than staying at home in sweats, even if I could barely keep my eyes open pre-latte :)

Our last stop was local decor shop V de V. I picked up some knobs to replace the boring builder's ones that were on our closet. They weren't cheap ($8 each qualifies as not cheap to me), but I think they made a huge difference. Brad thinks they're a bit feminine but he's willing to give them a go. Ha! Love him.


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