it's here!

Our 2012 family year book by mypublisher.com arrived this week! I am in love! So happy we decided to make this a yearly tradition. Not to mention, it's the only physical pictures we have of our family (we never print photos and hoard them online!). As I said in my resolutions post, I hope to have many more family pics in next years year book, but I do love the ones we have of just the kids or them with one of us. Here are a few of my favourite pages:


  1. Hi Emily!

    I was wondering if you could tell me what size these albums are? I downloaded this software and started putting my photos in but they kept coming back with a warning message saying the photos would be blurry when printed because the resolution wasn't high enough. Did you have that issue at all? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie, It depends what size book you go with. We went with the classic hardcover which is large and rectangular. If you're trying to make an image the size of the whole page (or sometimes other shapes and sizes that are medium-large) you need to make sure the picture is made of enough pixels. So if you have a more run of the mill camera (who doesn't!?) it may not make photos that are large enough. You might want to stick to many pics per page and do lots of collages. We did a mix of both!