Two mélange posts in one week? I know. The Interwebs are that magnificent. Here are the latest blogs that have caught my eye. Hope you love 'em!
  • My friend's plans for a no-spend January. Proud of her dedication to financially recover after the holidays. Anyone else need to be more careful this month?
  • Hilarious and amazing. When a Mom fails on school photo day. This will be my kids in a few years time. Without a doubt.
  • Carrot soup with tahini. This looks delicious and I'm totally on a carrot craze. Must try this week!
  • Is the pro-life cause winning or loosing? Some say winning, but then Planned Parenthood releases a number so staggering that my heart skips a beat. Over 330,000 abortions in the US alone via planned parenthood were completed in the last calendar year. Gulp.
  • Top left and top right. Both booties need to get on baby #3's feet ASAP. All I have to do is get pregnant. Right.
  • We all remember Sex Ed in Health class, but one mom recounts what her 11 year old was taught this year and I'm left shuddering. What a good reminder that we as parents need to talk to our kids about sex first, eh?
  • If I'm lucky enough to have a third baby, somebody PLEASE make this for said infant! My sewing skills are not up to snuf and my machine is collecting dust as the hiatus continues, but I need this onesie!

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